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AQUAPOLYESTER is a company established in Nice, in the Maritime Alps. We work over two departments, the Maritime

Alps and the Var. If requested, we can even work outside of France.


Our materials have very special mechanical characteristics and chemical resistance which gives an overall guarantee to

any works carried out, and avoids all risks of cracks and leaks, common problems with many swimming pools. This special

polyester forms a real shell which ensures absolute waterproofing.


Our work is carried out with projection machines which enable us to achieve stratification of the highest quality. This

type of application gives a far superior finish to that of polyester applied manually.


All cracks etc disappear after applying resin and special polyester material and we obtain an excellent finish by

terminating with a non-paraffin topcoat, followed by a paraffin frost coat.


Special resin is used on the existing supports of the pool, or on new supports, whether brick or prefabricated.


Examples: cement structure, mosaic supports, steel panels, synthetic panels, polyester shell.


The polyester lining gives a maximum guarantee compared to other linings. The use and application of composite

materials requires professionals and we are there to ensure this service.


Californie will be your only contact with regard to waterproofing your pool, avoiding the inevitable problems of



If you so wish, you can see photographs of our work at various stages on our web site.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information and thank you in advance for your visit.